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May 24, 2008, 4:12 am
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Symposium on Agriculture, Science and Technology (SAST) 2008.
June 21, 2008
Tokyo University of Agriculture

-Theme of Symposium:

Optimizing National Resources Utilization to Strengthen Indonesia’s International Competitiveness: Agricultural,
Environmental, Scientific and Technological Perspectives


Indonesia is blessed with great natural resources that have to be managed for the national development. However, it seems that such natural resources are not yet managed optimally to give a significant contribution for the economic development and national welfare. Meanwhile, as a country with rich of the natural resources, Indonesia has a great opportunity to play important roles in international level. Considering this situation, effective strategies formulated based on latest research findings and innovative ideas are absolutely required for optimal management of the natural resources.

The Symposium on Agriculture, Science and Technology (SAST) 2008, which is organized by the Indonesian Agricultural Sciences Association (IASA) Japan Chapter and the Indonesian Students Association (ISA) Kanto Chapter, is intended to facilitating scientists, researchers and practitioners to present their research findings, exchange ideas and discuss recent issues related to the natural resources management in Indonesia.


The aims of the SAST-2008 are as follows:

To provide an interdisciplinary forum with stimulating academic atmosphere for scientists, researchers and students to present their research findings, share ideas and discuss various issues and latest knowledge related to the natural and human resources management in Indonesian.

2. To systematically synthesize the presented research findings and groundbreaking ideas that could be used to formulate relevant recommendations and strategies for the Indonesian government and related policy makers in optimizing the natural and human resource managements in Indonesia.

-Time and Venue:

Date : Saturday, June 21, 2008
Place : Media Hall of 4th floor at First Building of Tokyo
University of Agriculture, 1-1-1 Sakuragaoka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-8502, Japan.

-Participants and the Areas of Interest:

It is expected that Indonesian students currently studying
agriculture or related fields will comprise a significant part of
the whole main participants of the Symposium. Besides them, the
Symposium greatly welcomes participations from Indonesian and
Japanese individuals and organizations whose works, interest, and
concerns are related to Indonesian agriculture directly and
indirectly. These might include participation from the members of
Indonesian and Japanese scientific communities, both Indonesian and
Japanese press, relevant Indonesian and Japanese organizations, both
governmental and non-governmental.
In order to simplify the organization of ideas, concepts, and knowledge, the main interest of the symposium is divided into several key themes as follows:
Science, Technology, and Information
Humanities (Sociology, Anthropology and Cultural Studies)
Economics, Management, and Policies Studies
Bio-production and Ecological Studies
Life Sciences and Biomedicine


English will be the official language used throughout the symposium.

No translation facilities will be provided.

-Deadlines of call for Abstract and Posters:

Deadline for submission of abstracts (including abstract of poster):
Saturday, May 31st, 2008 (by 8 P.M)

Original Posters submission:
Saturday, June 7th, 2008

-Registration fee:

Fee : 1,000 (including program booklet, lunch and certificate)
Payment : Receptionist of SAST-2008 (during registration time)

-Guide to Authors:


1. It should be written in English. Please use 12 pt Times New Roman
font, left/right margins 2.5 cm on letter-sized paper (left justification) .

2. Type title in bold. Leave a blank line.

3. Type name(s) of the author(s). Place an underline(_) on the name
of the person presenting the paper. Use superscript numbers to

indicate affiliation( s). Leave a blank line.

4. Following the appropriate superscript, type author(s) address (es). Include company/institution , city, province/state, postal zip code and country. Include the E-mail address of the corresponding

authors as the line. Leave another blank line.

5. Type text, single spaced in one paragraph. An informative abstract should contain a short description of your work with all the elements to define your aims and the results to readers. An abstract should contain the following key points (maximum 5 keywords). Abstract should be no more than 250 words. Please try to

have it reviewed by a colleague before submission.

6. Save in Microsoft Word format if possible. Use your last name and

initial as the file name (e.g. nasrul_pradana. doc).

7. Submitted manuscripts will be subjected to peer review ensuring the highest possible scientific quality.

1. The size of the poster should not exceed 70 cm x 100 cm.
2. Display boards and fixing materials will be provided.

-Contact address:

Inquires regarding abstract and poster should be sent to:
The Secretariat SAST-2008 (
Mr. Tatang Sopian ( General Secretary of SAST-2008 )
Visit the official website of SAST-2008 at:

This symposium is follow up of the previous symposia that have been held at The Republic of Indonesia School in Tokyo (1997 and 1998), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (1999); Chiba University (2000), The University of Tokyo (2001), Tsukuba University (2002) and Tokyo University of Agriculture (2005).